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      Single Investment Entities


Everything your group needs to make a one-time investment in a specific company.

We specialize in affordable and efficient group investing options with quick turnaround times. 

    Other Services


Financial and record keeping services for angel conferences and funds with ongoing operations. 

Angel Investing Services

We make early stage investing efficient and accessible for accredited investors.




Loon Creek was founded in 2010 with the objective of growing the local angel investor group.  Since then we have been privileged to help both new and seasoned investors deploy their capital efficiently and painlessly.  As active angel investors ourselves, we understand the excitement and headaches of investing in early stage companies. We are passionate about providing services that eliminate the headaches so our clients can enjoy the excitement!

We are often asked: "Why 'Loon Creek'?" The name comes from our favorite tributary of the Middle Fork of the Salmon river in Idaho. The whitewater and wilderness that make up the "River of No Return" serve as a reminder of the wild ride and perils inherent with early stage investing, as well as the thrill and rewards for those brave enough to take the risk!


Simple and efficient syndicate formation and management

Professional administration of your group's financial resources and records

Experienced team of seasoned angel investors


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Fun facts about the Loon Creek Leadership Team: 

  • 99 years of combined business experience

  • 32 years of entrepreneurial experience 

  • 27 years coaching/teaching entrepreneurs

  • 26 years of angel investment and fund management

  • 6 collegiate degrees and 1 black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu

  • 1 actual and 2 'wannabe' dog owners

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